Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bila start minat radio...

Bila start minat radio...maybe in early 1976 - 1980. That time, semua aktiviti yang berlaku di sekolah, aku join...including Pengakap. Mostly when Pengakap time, sure we'll have 'camping time'. Kalau sebut Pengakap that time, it's just like the 'golden egg' coz not everyone have the strength to follow all of their activities. Mostly boys are very 'fonds' of Pengakap and girls...only some of them only..hehe.

The best when being a Pengakap is, they have 'Jamboree' and its including hearing 'other hams around the world on the air'...This day they call it 'JOTA'..mana laa tahu apa benda ketika itu. Itu la benda yg paling canggih pernah aku tengok selain 'pondok talipon' yang satu-satunya ada di Jitra ketika itu..

Almost ten years after, when going for a fishing trip, aku jumpa ngan seorang 'ham'. They call him 'Amir'... but in community of 'ham', he has other nick-name..hehe. From that days, i start looking on how to be an amateur radio operators. Because of my working day that time, I've to forgot this hobby...nanti hujung cerita, aku beri tahu nama..haha.

Its start to happen when I been posting from Maktab Perguruan Kota Bharu, Kelantan ( dah malas jadi burung 'hantu', tukar jadi cikgu laa plak..hehe ) to Segamat, Johor in 1996.. On November 2005, I mets other 'ham radio' here. That time, it just only 4 members in Segamat. Those 3 of them just got their AA or 'callsign' thats year..9W2WMC, 9W2SGT and 9W2MRM..Starting from their efforts, I got my AA 6 month later. Together, myself, 9W2CAZ, 9W2MJN, 9W2TCK, 9W2UKM, 9W2MOR, 9W2NDZ, SWL Faizal (9W2CMC), SWL pak Din (9W2CDJ), SWL Azman, SWL Ong, SWL Yaacob including our mentors make an efforts to promote this hobby to our community in Segamat.

That's why we always address ourself as rakan from 'Wakaf Ham Segamat'...Wakaf means 'hut' or 'pondok'..A hut is a small and crude shelter, usually used for dwelling. Its design favors local techniques and materials to allow for swift and inexpensive construction...Coz's we live in a countryside, we find its easy for other's ham to identify us and to know 'WAKAF' means for what...hehe.

Luckily, we have our own 'Land Apparatus Assignment' as given by MCMC and with some helping hand from ASTRA, we set-up our own repeater to be used as experimental station...Its called 9M4RSG.

That's how i enjoying this hobby so much...Until now, without any club or sponsor, we fulfill our dreams of making Segamat known to other amateurs radio... and seeing again my 'early ham' 9W2BB or pak Din or 'Amir'...hehe.

Thats how i met this hobby...and earns my callsign "9W2FND"...satu sahaja dalam dunia.

73, all the best.