Thursday, May 18, 2006

TH-D7AG Kenwood handy

My dreams handy at this moments...quite simple but looks efective...

The TH-D7AG is equipped with a built-in AX.25 TNC for simple packet operation or to be used with a handheld GPS (NMEA-0813 compatible) as a full function APRS(TM) Automatic Packet/Position Reporting System... same as his big brothers..

The TH-D7AG is capable of reporting exact position, speed and heading as well as calculation of distance to destination...should be marvelous for a long term...

The TH-D7AG can also be used for APRS(TM) messaging to send up to 45 character messages through APRS(TM) or APRS(TM) Internet gateways without the use of a PC...ermm, i'm still having trouble to know it's better. Maybe someone could explain it in more simple words...hehe

Additional features such as advanced functions and capabilities with the VC-H1 Visual Communicator and HF SkyCommand operation with the Kenwood TS-570 D/S or TS-870S series radios are possible.

The new unique jog/cursor key makes navigation through the TH-D7AG features a breeze. The TH-D7AG now makes DATA communications simple and easy.

You can go to the Kenwood USA Corporation web site.htm for more detail...

^144/430 MHz operation
^5.5 WATTS @ 13.6 Volts
^Built-in 1200/9600 baud TNC
^Built-in APRS(TM) operating software
^Dual RX on the same band for voice and data (VHF only)
^Large 12 digit x 3 line dot matrix display
^200 memory channels w/ 8 character display
^PC Programmable for frequency and name (PG-4W required)
^16 backlit keys (laser cut from inside)
^Built-in CTCSS encode and decode
^MIL-SPEC 810C/D/E water resistant
^10 channel DTMF telephone auto-patch memory
^Monitor DX Clusters
^TM-V7A and TM-742AD DTMF Remote Control
^VC-H1 Visual Communicator advanced control operation
^Uses the same accessories as the TH-G71A

the passionate hobby by individuals...

ermm....just a hobby and very passionate bout it...

There are three types of assignment under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (CMA) viz.,

1 Spectrum Assignment,
2 Apparatus Assignment and
3 Class Assignment.

There are three types of assignments, namely, spectrum assignments, apparatus
assignments and class assignments:

• A spectrum assignment authorises a person to use one or more specified
frequency bands for any purpose consistent with the assignment conditions;

• An apparatus assignment authorises a person to use one or more specified
frequency bands to operate a network facility of a specified kind or for a
specified purpose

• A class assignment authorises use by any person of a specified frequency
band for a specified purpose. No fee is payable and is valid until cancelled in
writing by the Commission.

Note that unless exempted by the Minister, the CMA prohibits any person from
using any part of the spectrum unless that person holds a spectrum assignment,
an apparatus assignment or the use of the spectrum is subject to a class
assignment. The penalty
for contravening this section is a fine not exceeding
RM500,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years or both.